by Vikram Singh Hotel marketing types love trends. Every day there is the same old story about a new thing that changes everything. It’s always a thing that, if the hotels would only start doing it, or hire an agency to do it, or subscribe to a tool that would do it… the heavens would open and it would rain revenue. I’m sure everyone remembers (if they are not still living in) the Social Media Monetization Era. Now, the new craze is Hotel Meta Search. Unfortunately, over the past few years, its virtues have been overstated, to say the least. Yes, it’s a channel worth trying. But no, it’s not a magical weapon that will transform your online revenue and put the OTAs out of business. (Magical weapons do exist, but only in online role pay games or Peter Jackson trilogies.) If you want to get in on hotel meta search, first you need to understand it. Don’t get your information from the vendor who’s trying to sell it to you. Here’s the truth about hotel meta search, and how you should use it. Get the full story at Vikram Singh