Online video brings pizzazz and sex appeal to Web advertising, serving to entertain when people are in the mode to be entertained. But let's not forget that many people, especially harried, time-constrained adults, use the Web as a fast way to get and act on information. These folks primarily focus on reading printed text. For them, content, especially relevant content, is still king. This is why text-based search advertising and its kissing cousin, contextual advertising, are so effective.

A January 2006 Synovate study asked what type of targeted online ad consumers are likely to respond to. Sixty-two percent of adult consumers cited "subject matter of interest" (content), followed by demographic, geographic, and behavioral responses.

Advertising solution providers recognize the value of content advertising and continue to roll out advancements and new ad offerings involving content. At last week's Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in San Jose, a number of companies announced changes to their content-related advertising offerings. Yahoo previewed its new advertising interface, which includes the addition of content channels like Yahoo Trip Planner and Yahoo Answers.

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