After all, walking a guest is never an extremely pleasant experience for any hotel (or any guest). But within the Sanctuary of Revenue Strategy, it’s often considered a necessary evil. Consider this all-too-common scenario: A comic book convention is taking over your city and you’ve been sold out for over two weeks. There’s not a single room left within a 60-mile radius. Your forecasted revenue numbers for the week are completely killing last year’s actuals. But as the morning reports rolled in, your hotel only finished at 96% occupancy opening day. Now you and Lucille could fly off the revenue handle, or you could see an opportunity to sharpen your tools and technology and re-polish your overbooking strategy. The practice of overbooking weaves art into science to calculate risks against their rewards – and today’s advanced revenue technology helps you analyze and produce decisions for a customized overbooking strategy that’s built for your hotel. Get the full story at IDeaS