The release of second-quarter ad spending numbers by Nielsen Monitor-Plus generated dozens of headlines, and many publications focused on the Internet angle:

- Reuters: "Internet advertising rose nearly 13 percent."
- Ad Age: "The Internet rose 12.6%."
- Adweek: "The Internet [was up] 12.6 percent."

At least one publication, MediaPost, contrasted the second-quarter growth with projections from research firms: "JupiterResearch forecast earlier this month that spending for online display ads would reach $5.1 billion this year, up around 25 percent from last year's $4.1 billion. Other researchers and analysts anticipated even higher numbers. Goldman Sachs predicted that online advertising overall (including search) would soar by 28 percent for the year; Forrester Research predicted that all online advertising would climb by 23 percent this year; and research firm eMarketer predicted a 34 percent increase."

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