TavelAge West lists nine tech-savvy hotels around the world that have far surpassed the bare minimum of digital standards. Eccleston Square Hotel in London, England Although the exterior of Eccleston Square Hotel possesses the same historic London charm as its neighbors, a step through the front door begets a more modern perspective. Located in Central London, the 40-room luxury boutique hotel is outfitted with the latest in technology. Did that red-eye flight from the States make your back ache? Enjoy a massage from the bed’s built-in system. Want increased privacy when you shower? Transform the glass walls from transparent to opaque with just the flip of a switch, and step onto heated bathroom and hallway floors afterward. And when you’ve polished off the room service you ordered via the personal in-room iPad 2, don’t forget to brush your teeth - while catching a sitcom with the anti-mist mirror’s integrated LED television. Get the full story at TravelAge West