The future of SoLoMo in travel marketing looks promising. Local data drives better engagement and conversions and 1 in 3 mobile searches has local intent. As for future trends, SoLoMo is changing the way consumers access information. Instead of researching attractions during a hotel stay, mobile applications will detect a traveler’s location, what they are looking for, provide directions, push specials based on geo-location, and even allow guests to share their experiences in real- time. SoLoMo will ultimately provide more customer service solutions to enhance the travel experience. Check-ins will become increasingly more important. Mobile applications such as Foursquare, will be more deeply integrated into a mobile strategy and a key touch point in the mobile brand experience. SMS marketing and geo-location offers will become key in how hoteliers target travelers not after but during their travel experience. Hoteliers and travel brands need to begin thinking local and immediate. Get the full story at HeBS