Here are 5 features your hotel provides that guests won’t find at an Airbnb and tips to better market them to potential guests: Feature #1: Points & Reward Programs Travelers can reap extreme benefits from different points and reward loyalty programs offered by hotel brands. Most do not take advantage of the benefits because they do not know about them or they do not realize it is free to join. From low rate guarantees, to free nights & complimentary WiFi, guests from all markets should take advantage of the reward programs offered by your hotel. What are effective strategies to promote your hotel’s reward programs to guests? Utilize the customizable functionalities of your independent website to grab the attention of guests by promoting rewards programs in highly active areas of your website (i.e. close to the booking widget). Since your booking widget is one of the most clicked areas of your website, promoting your brand’s reward program here will help drive interest. Work with your Blue Magnet Interactive Account Manager to discuss placement options your independent website has. Get the full story at Blue Magnet Interactive