Now, recent research confirms that over 95% of travelers are reading those reviews before booking a hotel. However, travelers are not the only ones who can benefit from this level of detail. With TrustYou’s advanced text analysis, we can pinpoint positive and negative sentiments for 100+ categories within the content of a review. Whether the reviews are sourced from a survey, social post, or online review, they can be transformed into more actionable insights for the hotel when more closely analyzed. One of the ways we are transforming reviews is through Impact Scores. Impact Scores are predicted based on a complex mathematical model, ultimately letting a hotel know which praises or complaints have the greatest impact on their overall hotel rating. Every hotel’s positive and negative Impact Scores are a bit different, as they take into account characteristics of a hotel, such as the market it competes in. But while every hotel is different, there are some categories that most frequently impact hotel ratings in a positive or negative way. Get the full story at TrustYou