Brand Marketers are beginning to realize that the power of mobile lies in premium advertising experiences. Jesse Missad, director of connected platforms for mobility and device at PHD, believes this is the future as well. “While a marketer could enter the mobile space with basic banner ads at cheap CPMs, more emphasis should be put into premium executions,” Mr. Missad said. “I believe they will deliver a more impactful experience for both the brand marketer and the consumer.” For whatever reason, 70 percent of content online is still not mobile optimized. But here is the good news: there remains a tremendous opportunity for brand marketers to tell their story across platforms through ad units that are viewable across devices. The industry as a whole needs to come together to create versions of brand stories that are more meaningful and personal. It is imperative we create advertising experiences on mobile that are less a surprise intrusion and more a delight. Simply put – we need to be useful. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily