When it comes to updating the inventory feed on different metasearch publishers, it requires direct, transparent communication between Koddi, clients, and the publisher. - Best Case Scenario: In an ideal world, a client would automatically distribute the latest inventory feed, send it to all publishers for processing and to Koddi for setting up default bids. Normally within a week or so, the latest inventory feed is live, and we should be able to see the new hotels with default bids. - Challenges: Challenges may occur when the latest inventory list we have on file does not align with what clients have sent to publishers or with what the publisher has recently processed, which may result in missing opportunities to bid on new hotels, or in bidding on hotels that should have been turned off. - Solutions: To avoid the above unfavorable outcomes, we audit our inventory lists on a regular basis, depending on how frequent the clients update their inventory, to ensure that our hotel information 100% matches with the inventory list across publishers. In addition, as publishers usually do not require the whole inventory list from clients if they are only updating few hotels at a time, it’s worth going through the effort of automating this process to make sure that no small changes are missed. Get the full story at Koddi