Here are three of the major online marketing challenges currently facing hotels. 1. Are tried and true methods becoming outdated? Even though email marketing is proven to be the most effective way to engage with customers and prospective guests – and many stick by it – is it destined to fall by the wayside? Two-thirds of the Baby Boomer generation are now online and the younger Generation Y group already see email as a slow and boring way to communicate. For them, it’s about video content, text messaging, and smart technology. If anything is certain, it’s that the mobile revolution has now well and truly succeeded. Emerging enthusiasm for, and knowledge in, technology opens up a veritable minefield for hotel marketers. Since there’s less history to base results on, how do you know what the best strategy is? The future is even harder to predict with new ways to connect popping up seemingly each day. However there’s plenty of opportunity to capitalise on the evolved audience. With new technology comes more chance to experiment and implement unique marketing strategies that may cut through the noise. It’s important to continue the trend of marketing to individuals rather than generalised groups of guests. Get the full story at SiteMinder