1. Natural search is dead. There is nothing that could be farther from the truth. Natural search engine optimization is still thriving. It is more difficult today than it was five or six years ago, but the core of search results are still free. Natural Search Engine Optimization being dead is a popular myth because of the standardization of methodology that is now used. Each of the major search engines has released guidelines for Webmasters that detail the dos and don’ts of Web site optimization. Since more of the online world is aware of successful optimization techniques, they do not work as well. In other words, there is more competition from knowledgeable optimizers armed with the same toolsets.

2. Paid inclusion is dead. A few years ago, almost every major search engine had a paid inclusion option. This was a service to guarantee that Web pages were included in a search engine’s database for a fee. Through consolidation of some of the engines and the emergence of a few new ones, paid inclusion now only means Yahoo Search Submit and Yahoo Search Submit Pro. While it is not a session topic at search engine conferences anymore, paid inclusion can still be a powerful tool for online marketers that want to tag urls, optimize content, remove code bloat and have more reporting abilities from Yahoo.

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