The fact is that there simply aren’t that many services that are worth your money in the social media space. However, according to the marketers at TIG Global there are only three worth considering:

Advice – If you’re just getting started with social media, or have a healthy following, it never hurts to look to outside sources for a little bit of guidance. I’m not saying you necessarily need to get an agency to manage your presence, but an audit or some consulting can go a long way in helping you to set goals for new initiatives. Or at the very least, a bit of professional consult will help you to step back and evaluate how your current efforts are working.

Review Site Monitoring – This means more than just TripAdvisor. There are now dozens of review sites on there, and it’s too difficult to monitor them all as often as a hotel should. The fact is, that in order to properly monitor them all, for most hotels, a robust monitoring tool is needed. There are a lot of them out there, and from our experience, Revinate is one of the best, and it’s quite affordable.

Facebook Applications – Custom tabs have now technically been replaced by “applications,” due to the move to iframes for pages. This means that Facebook is now using the term “applications” as a catch-all category that includes traditional applications, custom tabs, and Facebook booking widgets. Most hotels, most businesses actually, use outside designers and developers to design their websites. A Facebook application for any purpose should be approached the same way as a webpage, or a website. So seek an outside vendor, preferably with some Facebook experience, and let them guide you through the process and give you a great product.

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