Understanding what your customers want and how to help make their payments easier is critical. Some of the ways in which technology makes payments easier for hotel guests include: 1. Guests Can Have Multiple Payment Options Technology has changed the way consumers pay for goods and services, and now hotel guests expect to have a variety of payment options available to them. They have moved beyond paying with cash or charging fees to a card. Tech savvy hotel guests want alternative ways to pay their bill, and hotel owners should be inclined to accept multiple forms of payment. This can make the payment process easier for guests and helps the hotel to receive payments in a timely manner. Hotels should be capable of accepting various payment options when someone books a room online and when someone pays in person. Most hotels now accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards for transactions online and at a stationary point of sale. These are some of the most convenient ways travelers pay for lodging fees, and accepting them can help your business appeal to a large audience. Other consumers, however, want more options. Get the full story at Hotel-Online Read also "Payments: The last mile of online customer intimacy"