How can travel companies keep up? Three principles can ground a holistic approach to measurement. Know the role that mobile plays in a customer’s journey Are your leisure customers starting their research on mobile, and continuing their research on a laptop or other device? Do you cater to business travelers, who may research last-minute hotels or flights on their smartphones, then show up in person to book? Mobile’s impact on the travel journey is higher than ever before. After researching on their smartphone, 79% of mobile travelers completed a booking, which is significantly higher than the 70% who did so in 2016.3 The ability to measure how mobile influences the customer journey is critical. According to, 1 in 2 traveler journeys start on mobile. Based on that insight, created an app to capture last-minute travel intent, a behavior that’s playing out in search. Over the past two years, travel-related searches for “tonight” and “today” have grown over 150% on mobile. People are regularly searching for “flights today” or “hotels tonight.”4 Hilton has also innovated by being laser-focused on mobile experiences in the handheld age. It’s enabled guests to check in and select a specific room through their mobile devices, for example. Travel companies that closely measure the impact of mobile and cross-device activities will be able to better tailor their marketing strategies, and connect with customers in the long run. Get the full story at Think with Google