With last year’s Google “Hummingbird Update”, the results a guest wanted when he/she typed something in the search box may quickly flit away in an educated guess on what the guest was really searching for. Google is starting to recognize the intent of the query and not the keyword typed in the search box. For instance, if a guest searches ten times for “downtown San Diego hotel” and the eleventh time types in “San Diego hotel” (maybe with an intent to cast a wider net), it will deduct based on past web behavior and other data points that the correct result would be a downtown San Diego hotel and not any other hotel result. Google has gone from a factual database of everything to more of a predictive user intent result that is always learning and updating itself based on a user’s behavior characteristics. Google will now sort through the billions of web pages and other information it has in order to return what it believes are the best answers and not what may have actually been typed in the search box. Get the full story at Tnooz