Increasingly, businesses are becoming aware of Local Search, and how optimizing for this channel is vital those that have local outlets. Each of the main search engines has focussed effort on their local search tools as the best strategy for continuing growth in online advertising, and the subject has become sufficiently important enough to merit a special Search Engine Strategies Conference devoted to the subject tomorrow in Denver. The importance of Local Search is further underscored by stats issued in a press release today by comScore, showing that Local Search continues to gain in marketshare.

So, how exactly could one optimize towards Local Search?

First of all, what are the primary sites and engines which people go to for finding local information? As Justin Sanger of LocalLaunch (recently purchased by yellow pages publishing company, RH Donnelley) has stated when speaking at conferences on the subject, the local search sector is fairly fractured, so there are numerous sites which can be considered to be the authorities for local info. With users going to such a diverse array of sites to obtain local info, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out where to focus efforts for greatest ROI.

Not to worry - I’m proposing a rational approach that should work well for both large companies with chains of local stores as well as small businesses focussed on local or regional markets.

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