Does static/descriptive content management efficiency fall behind when it comes to timely updating these websites? Successfully selling via online channels requires that ALL content is right—this is a prerequisit for driving conversion. Managing static content is an important but time-consuming effort. The initial content upload on a given channel is only the first step. In a sense of a moving target, OTAs often change their content display, imposing new content options on their extranets. As there are many extranets with unique content out there, how do you know when something changes that requires an immediate hotel information update? We recommend to not rely on getting informed by the OTA in a timely manner. Static content management responsibilities are sometimes unclear, which can negatively impact your hotel description and thus exposure to potential bookers. Managing all extranets concurrently, with the complete and correct scope of content is what provides the hotel display’s cutting edge. Eventually, both content-rich product offerings and appealing visuals will encourage the consumer to complete the booking. Get the full story at H2C