EMarketer just released a study that details the growth of this relatively new form of e-commerce with highlights on the importance of email to trigger site visits and purchases. As any member of these sites will tell you, if site owners hit the right notes with a timely, targeted, and well-displayed reminder message, there is almost no barrier to the click and then just one short step to a sale. The psychology behind this behavior is brilliant, and it's not just the urgency factor that makes these offers so enticing: - It's personal. It's done at my desk, on my timetable, without distraction. - It's an oasis moment in the middle of the day. I deserve this treat, this time just for me to fantasize about all the things I want. - It minimizes the commitment. It's not really a shopping spree if it's just this one shirt, blouse, or pair of shoes is it? (Even if it happens several times a week.) - So easy and convenient. One-click mentality; it comes right to my desk at work and then is delivered to me at my home or office. No driving to the mall or trying on clothes. No making time for shopping as it now fits into my day. - It's a deal. How can I pass it up? It validates my intelligence. - I'm a member. The faux exclusivity has its advantages including stored payment information. - No-risk return policies. This makes the decision easier. - They know me. Of course, they have data on what I buy! - Predictability. Something to look forward to every day, especially when they announce the upcoming sales of my favorite designers. Get the full story at ClickZ Urgency. No time to think about it or compare across offers. I am a woman of action and I am playing beat the clock against the unseen opponents for that fabulous bag.