Business Travel Coalition conducted a 24-hour travel industry poll ending at the close of business on July 11, 2017 regarding Marriott’s new cancellation policy, which requires a one room-night penalty for cancellations within 48 hours of check in. The poll had 216 travel manager and travel management company executive respondents from 12 countries - US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, Belgium, Bonaire, Serbia, Scotland and Germany. Some 59% of poll respondents indicated that business travelers will likely book away from Marriott properties, especially after they get burned by cancellation fees a couple of times as many travelers do not read the fine print on travel documents. Moreover, the policy change seems to some as a huge overreach and particularly burdensome for business travelers who have little to no control over when a customer or prospective customer cancels a meeting the day before. Taken together, there appears to be an opportunity for Marriott’s competitors, especially Hilton, to win new business. 30% of respondents say they are considering a travel policy change that restricts travelers from booking Marriott properties. 68% indicate that they will seek to negotiate an exception for their travelers and 53% feel that other hotel companies will follow Marriott’s lead. The most prevalent theme in the extensive comments provided by respondents is a sense of great disappointment in Marriott whom many thought understood the needs of business travelers and managed-travel programs. With weeknight room occupancies high in business markets, and with Marriott’s forecasting and booking capabilities enabling it to replace cancellations, many feel the new policy is merely a money grab. Get the full story at the Business Travel Coalition