Before you can make a sale, you have to make a connection. Connection is a powerful word - and a powerful sales advantage.

Here are 3.5 ways to connect:

1. Trade shows and annual conventions host a bevy of qualified leads - all in a buying mood. Everyone of significance in your industry is there. You have an opportunity to connect with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people in your industry.

2. Speaking connotes leadership. When you're in front of the room, it implies that you are an expert, a leader and a communicator. You're making multiple connections. Think about the opportunity to connect with so many people at once. You may never know them, but they will all know you. And respect you.

3. Writing connotes expertise and creates the opportunity for a mental connection. When is the last time you wrote an article that would appear in something your customers or prospects would read? For most of you, the answer is "never." But if I asked you, "How many of you watch reality TV?" the answer would probably be all of you. So my next question has to be, "Will watching TV double your sales?"

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