This is the future imagined by Priceline Group Inc.’s Executive Vice President of Group Operations Maelle Gavet in a world where people are no longer booking tickets six months in advance, and the largest growing market of millennials arrives at a destination with only a vague notion of what they want to do. “The key word in the travel industry now is ‘explore,’” said Gavet, adding that Priceline, through, rolled out a new smartphone product called Booking Experiences in July in Amsterdam, that helps travelers go some way to achieve this. Booking Experiences works within’s local smartphone apps to send travelers a pop-up notification on their devices as they walk past attractions, asking if they want to reserve a ticket and bypass queues. Last week, Booking Experiences went live in Paris, Rome, London and Dubai. A rollout in New York and Orlando is planned for later this year. Get the full story at Bloomberg