Riding on the coattails of Web 2.0 technology are vendors who want your business -- and they're trying all sorts of tactics to get it. But experts warn: Stay away from vendors that promise a Web nirvana in a box.

"If a vendor is telling them, 'Here is our Web 2.0 solution,' that's an illusion that needs to be dispelled," said Ray Valdes, research director of Internet platforms and Web services at Stamford, Conn.-based research firm Gartner Inc., Valdes said. "Web 2.0 is not something you can buy and implement."

Many CIOs will believe they are buying a competitive advantage by investing in vendor solutions based on Web 2.0 technology, such as Ajax and RSS. Valdes said this approach might give a company a short-term advantage, but competitors will quickly nullify that advantage by adopting similar technology.

Some vendors are selling products labeled "Web 2.0" technology. But when it comes to Web 2.0, technology is just a means to an end. The real business value lies in what the technology enables: better collaboration among users. In fact, a growing number of companies are developing new business models to take advantage of the collaboration the technology empowers.

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