Which tech developments will change the face of emarketing next year? Crown Peak's VP of sales looks into his crystal ball.

2006 will become the year of meta-data. Content about content can be much more important than the content itself and will certainly become more important than the method to display it (check out Google Base as the example here). The number of internet-connected interfaces is growing exponentially and won't slow down in 2006. It marks the first year where the user will determine the interface for their favorite content. It is the first year that the internet truly becomes the platform and not the medium that it has so long been perceived as.

2006 is not the year that websites die. But it is the first year that savvy publishers will pay much more attention to quality, and their ability to manage, parse, and publish their content for multiple outputs and devices. The "write once, publish many" paradigm will become critical for this to work. If I'm an online publisher selling advertising space - this means a bonanza of new advertising and business opportunities.

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