Hotels are utilizing the social media channel of Twitter to reinforce their brand image and to communicate directly with their guests. Apart from having a face to face contact with one's customer, no other medium has allowed hotel companies a better one-on-one conduit. While each hotel chain interacts differently with their following, here are the TOP TEN I think are doing the best job in providing customer service, building brand loyalty and engaging their followers with suite tweets.

Important to note that when Twitter is used to simply post links to a press release or promote a new package, it is not utilizing the full benefit of what Twitter can do to enhance a brand. The hotels that are doing it right are on the same level as their airline counterparts, JetBlue and Southwest. The hotel brands that excel are the ones that achieve a level of interaction with followers who are their current and future guests, whether the tweets are composed by the president at corporate headquarters or the concierge on the property level.

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