Following are the trends that will help you maximize your business opportunities in the year ahead: Analytics rule: Everything is trackable now. Not only can we see how much attention a certain ad campaign is getting, but we can see the geographic location of the users interacting with it, their age, and a general idea on their income. Use this information to target your marketing efforts to your specific buyer persona and watch your ROI skyrocket. Also, arm yourself when looking into digital advertising campaigns. Do you know how much one visit to your website is worth in dollars? If you don't, then how can you tell whether that banner ad you're spending $200/month on and receiving 500 visits in referring traffic from is worth it? Knowledge is power and you have it all available at your fingertips. Consolidation is only just beginning: The Marriott acquisition of Starwood and the Expedia acquisition of Orbitz are harbingers of a consolidation coming in the hotel industry. While it is too soon to determine what other brands or companies will decide to come together, it is clear that we are entering the age of consolidation as the economy enters the mature stage. The impact on guests and hoteliers will only be determined as this wave of consolidations plays out but for the immediate future, bigger is better. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net