This age group is beginning to outpace the Baby Boomer’s 76 million population with their own 79 million, and is projected to attain an even larger population gap at 78 million compared to the Boomers’ 58 million by 2030. Though most people are aware that the Millennial generation is tech-savvy and will not travel in the same style as their parents, there has not been significant research concerning the trends and changes this generation will bring to the hospitality industry. “Generation Y. The Millennials. Generation Next.” These are just a few of the names attributed to the generation born between 1980 and 1999. Many businesses argue that the younger end of the Millennials may still depend financially on their parents, but the older end of this spectrum is already experiencing their peak spending years. With an increase of 20% in 2010 based on American Express Business Insights, this age bracket is the fastest growing segment for travel spending. As a whole, the Millennials have not reached their spending peak, and already they dictate where hundreds of billions of dollars are directed -- and they still have more potential to spending power and are expected to start reach their peak in 2017. Get the full story at Hotel Interactive