With the Euro now coming into parity with the Dollar, trends from European leisure consumers to the U.S. this summer remains a hot topic of discussion among traveler leaders. nSight’s data shows that interest from Europeans for summer travel to the U.S. is very strong; early booking trends reveal that hoteliers are going to have to work very hard to convert this interest into bookings, but that the interest is available for them to do so. Orlando is the top U.S. destination for Europe travelers with demand almost twice that of the online travel site search for New York. East coast cities may be getting the brunt of currency impact on travel from Europe resulting in lower demand for Washington DC and Boston, and flat demand for New York. As booking windows close, it’s expected that these variances will begin to level off. The U.K. is the home market for the majority of U.S. travelers from Europe this summer, generating the majority of the searches for hotels. Demand from the U.K. for Orlando is up 28% from last year. According to the latest research, a renewed focus on the U.S. National Park system and its centennial celebration in 2016 (#findyourpark) and culinary tourism are key trends driving the growth from the U.K. Germany is the second most dominant source of travel intent to the U.S. with growing demand in particular for west coast destinations – Los Angeles (#3) up 10.9% and San Francisco (#6) demand up 20.7%, compared to last year. Get the full story at nSight