South Korea experienced a Chinese traveller increase of 12% since last year. 70% percent of Chinese tourists travelling to South Korea went there for shopping, with each each spending an average of US $2200, which is double the average amount spent by other overseas tourists. A lot of Chinese millennials watch Korean dramas, and many of them enjoy Korean culture and food. Taken together with the fact that the South Korean government has implemented favourable tax refund policies, both shoppers and fans of South Korean culture alike enjoy travelling there. Growing interest in Thai culture, known as T-Pop fever, is also leading more and more Chinese millennials to travel to countries that are perceived as more exotic. Indeed, Thai television soap operas, known as "lakorn" in China, have become increasingly popular amongst Chinese viewers recently. Furthermore, consumer goods and living costs are significantly lower in Thailand compared to China, thus contributing to making it an attractive travel destination for Chinese millennials. Lastly, they are also attracted to the many cheap beach, mountain, farm, and boutique resorts across the country. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net