This month, Google nudges SEO marketers in the right direction with clarifications to the mobile-first index as it rolls out to more websites; Bing pilots in-market audiences; and Instagram gets more serious with Stories by adding e-commerce features. 1. SEO: Google announces clarification surrounding the mobile-first index and what it means for your website. As Google begins rolling out mobile-first indexing to more websites, it recently announced some clarifications as to how the mobile-first index will work. Here’s a quick rundown of the clarifications: - URLs in mobile-first indexing: If your hotel website has different URLs for mobile versus desktop, Google will show the mobile searchers your mobile URL and the desktop searchers your desktop URL. In both cases, the indexed content will be the mobile version of the site, even if Google shows the desktop URL. Sites that are designed with a single URL for mobile and desktop do not need to worry. - Crawling changes in mobile-first indexing: Google reported that the crawl count per day won’t really change, but the balance will shift from desktop pages crawled to mostly mobile pages crawled. Google also may temporarily increase crawling when it re-indexes your website. - The mobile speed update is unrelated to mobile-first indexing. The speed update that is coming up in July is unrelated to mobile-first indexing. Yes, you should make your site fast, especially for mobile users, Google says, but the speed update is not directly related to mobile-first indexing. HEBS Digital strongly recommends having a fully-responsive website with a seamless experience across both desktop and mobile devices with relevant, engaging content to ensure search engine visibility. Get the full story at HEBS Digital