Hotel Price Ads work similarly to AdWords. Hotels and OTAs bid on certain locations and words. It is essentially a closed bid war between OTAs and the hotel brand. However, there is a better ROI than AdWords, especially when Hotel Finder is included in the mix. This is due to the comparative nature of Hotel Finder. Unlike an AdWords ad, users who click on a HPA will most likely have already compared your hotel with others in the region leading to a much higher conversion rate. Even with the advantages of HPA, it seems like it is relatively underused. In fact, the only three chains I have spotted are Best Western, Hilton and Marriot. Yet, many CRS and marketing agencies are developing relationships to start offering these services. Hotel Finder and the Hotel Paid Ads are not extremely popular yet, but much like Google+ I predict that Hotel Finder will become a rival to popular OTAs and HPAs will finally allow hotels to regain some traction and profits. Get the full story at Search Engine Journal