TOP INTERNATIONAL features two brands: TOP International Hotels offering a group of select hotels in the three- to five-star category, and TOP City&Country Line, which includes hotels in the four- to five-star category. With TOPREZ NG, hotels under both brands can now apply revenue management rules to every component of the booking, not just the room, with add-on selling for customized packaging and individual arrangement creations. “We’re devoted to offering our members the newest and most powerful technology to support their business,” said Hans Müller, president of TOP INTERNATIONAL Hotels. “Pegasus not only offered the CRS technology best-suited to this end, but we also have a nearly 30-year business relationship. Pegasus’ seamless technology and the Pegasus product and development teams helped us create a TOP-branded solution that integrates with our revenue management strategy, which was smoothly implemented in under a week.” TOPREZ NG offers TOP INTERNATIONAL hotels combined rate and availability control at-a-glance along with simple one-click control of room type availability. Descriptions are offered in multiple languages for various distribution channels with automated calculation of higher room type surcharges. Reservation notifications are provided via email regardless of the connected channel, with dynamic and interactive reporting. RezView NG, the Pegasus-branded CRS, is also the first CRS to combine next generation enterprise delivery with the powerful channel management capabilities of RateTiger’s leading channel management technology. “After almost 30 years working together, we can’t help but value our incredible relationship with TOP INTERNATIONAL, a company that has always been adept at recognizing and deploying critical technology solutions,” said Mike Kistner, chief executive officer of Pegasus Solutions. “Hans and his team are fiercely dedicated to their hotels, ensuring they are equipped with the most advanced and appropriate solutions for directly affecting business, which in this case includes next generation CRS functionality and integrated channel management.” Related Link: Pegasus Solutions