Terry Dale, president of the U.S. Tour Operators Association (USTOA), which represents 51 tour companies and more than 160 tour brands, said, “It’s true there isn’t a neutral third-party forum for online reviews of tours, and this gap in the consumer feedback toolbox has emerged onto USTOA’s radar. We don’t know why there isn’t a TripAdvisor category for tour operators - you’d have to ask them - but exploring this is definitely something that is a priority for our members.” That operators feel abandoned by the leading consumer review site attests to just how important TripAdvisor has become in consumer decision-making when shopping for travel products. For countless travelers, reading online reviews is now a crucial component of trip planning. Yet because it is almost impossible to find reviews of tour products online, operators and packagers increasingly feel they are at a disadvantage. “Reviews of actual packaged vacations and escorted tours, I can’t think of an immediate place to go,” conceded Douglas Quinby, PhoCusWright’s vice president of research. Get the full story at Travel Weekly