sat down with O’Sullivan to discuss the platform in detail. Tourism Australia has crafted a number of digital experiences using emerging technologies to give prospective visitors a taste of what Australia has to offer. Has the investment been worthwhile? O’Sullivan: Yes, absolutely. We’ve used technology to put Australia in the hands of consumers, travel agents, and our industry. We have about 22 trainers in core markets around the world who talk to and train travel agents, and they’re now able to show them a piece of Australia like they've never been able to before. They can swim with sea lions at Boston Bay and Port Lincoln or whale sharks in Ningaloo, or they can be on Sydney Harbour. In markets like China, where VR is becoming more mainstream, frankly, the investment has more than paid for itself because we can tell our story in a different way. We’ve used these technologies heavily in China, and it’s no secret that we’ve seen an accompanying rise in its preference as a destination. Get the full story at CMO