A new report outlines the extent of misleading green marketing in the industry and includes full analysis of 138 green tourism schemes plus top 20 certifications. Communities all over the world are doing their bit to minimize energy use, emissions and waste in the belief that this is a healthy and sustainable course. Recently it has also become apparent that unfair trading practices are economically unsustainable and 'Ethical Trading' and 'Corporate Social Responsibility', particularly in large organizations, has been the norm for the last twenty years or so. In the last few years there is massive public buy-in to value based businesses that accord with the general public view on these issues and this has been reflected in their sales, profitability, share price and their brand value. So it is no wonder that organizations of all sorts in the tourism industry from small B&Bs to massive global players, airlines, hotel groups, OTAs, tour operators and travel agents are all lining up to highlight their goodness, greenness and fair practices in an attempt to tell their stories to their business advantage. Get the full story at Totem Tourism and buy the report here