World tourism World tourism World tourism World tourism has undergone significant changes during the last few years. European tourism is increasingly influenced by major global trends, or ‘megatrends’.

This review of megatrends is the update of the report ’Megatrends of Tourism in Europe to the Year 2005 and Beyond’ analysing the external factors that could affect tourism and tourism enterprises over the next five to ten years. The objective of this document is to make the reader think about the future and the effects of external changes upon the tourism sector - it is not a forecast of business volume or market trends.

This edition of ’Tourism Trends for Europe’ has been produced by the European Travel Commission (ETC) following discussions with its members – the National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) of Europe – and with advice from the European Travel & Tourism Action Group (ETAG), whose members comprise international
and European organisations representing the key tourism sectors.

The review is presented in three parts.

1. An analysis of tourism's global external environment: the economic, political, social and environmental trends.

2. An examination of the trends likely to influence tourism demand through changes in lifestyle and consumption patterns.

3. A discussion of changes directly incluencing the operation of the tourism industry, such as marketing trends, transport and information technology.

Download the full report "Tourism Trends for Europe" (PDF 440KB)