Not all online travel orders carry the same risk. For example, while the average fraud rate in this industry – meaning the percentage of fraud-related chargebacks and clear-cut fraud attempts out of total order volume – is approximately 2%, the average fraud rate in flights departing from Indonesia is significantly higher – at 7%. Travel merchants may understandably concerned about the high rate of fraud in these orders, leading to a high rate of declines. However, while online orders of flights to Indonesia carry a higher risk of fraud, there are still many good customers making valid flight tickets purchases from this country. In fact, there is a significant variation in fraud rate depending on the issuing country of the credit card used to place the order. For example, flights departing from Indonesia purchased with Swedish credit cards have a fraud rate of just 2%, while purchase with credit cards issued in South Africa and Russia have virtually zero fraud. This was just a small taste of the data included in our special report for merchant about CNP fraud in online travel. Get the full story at Riskified