“There’s a lot of buzz around social media in the industry at the moment, and a number of hotels are investing significant resources in this area,” said Katrina Jones, VP of corporate communications, EMEA, Hilton Worldwide Holdings. Yet Hilton still employs more traditional methods of engaging with guests and encouraging bookings. “Traditional PR remains an important part of hotel media activity, and it is important to ensure that the two work in tandem in order to achieve success and meet objectives,” Jones said. Ulrike Birner, VP of communications, EAME, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, a group which engaged in nearly 3 million social media interactions with its guests in 2012 alone, shared a similar sentiment. “The value of editorial press coverage - whether traditional print articles, online features or blog coverage - cannot be underestimated and continues to be very important for us. There is huge value for us in having our story told by a credible travel, business, lifestyle, beauty, food or trade writer.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now