In a digital revenue management roundtable, Hotel News Now asked some of the savviest experts in the field to reflect on their biggest wins from the year that was and to flag some of the obstacles lying in wait in the year ahead. Kalibri Labs’ Estis Green: “One of the smartest changes I have seen in the last year is an organizational one where I have seen a few companies altering their structure into what I would call a revenue strategy team that integrates sales, digital marketing, loyalty, price optimization, brand marketing and communications and gives management a singular view of the revenue levers. This change allows them to manage all human and financial resources with a more holistic view and optimize all channels together rather than the traditional silos where each revenue department is expected to optimize individually with limited regard for tradeoffs in resource allocation between departments.” Hammons Hotels & Resort's Phill Burgess: “Keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital changes impacting revenue management and embracing the fact that sales systems, marketing and revenue management are merging into one discipline as opposed to three. Our operative word has become revenue ‘optimization’ (instead of) ‘management’—identifying how to break down the traditional barriers between revenue management, group sales and the ‘us-versus-them’ mentality that often resides at the hotel level impacting retail strategies.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now