TravBuddy has reached a critical membership milestone of 500,000 registered members, making it one of the largest and fastest growing web 2.0 travel communities on the internet. Over half a million members now use TravBuddy's free online services to find travel companions. Members share their future travel plans, then are automatically matched up with other travelers traveling to the same places at the same times.

"While traveling throughout Europe on my own, I realized that there wasn't a convenient way to meet other people to travel with,"says Eric Bjorndahl, Co-Founder and CEO. "Our extraordinary growth shows that this is a pressing need for hundreds of thousands of people, and we are pleased to provide a service that makes it both easy and fun to meet other travelers."

Members use TravBuddy for interactions as casual as a cup of coffee with a local while passing through the Philippines, to in-depth group planning of future trips to Thailand. There is even an unofficial TravBuddy get-together planned for Ireland, which hopes to draw dozens of travelers from around the world.

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