To thrive in this new environment — especially in emerging travel markets where technology adoption is growing, infrastructure is improving and companies are seeking more international collaboration — the next generation of leaders must have the capabilities to: - Transform their business by leveraging emerging technologies and innovative business models, and by redefining how existing models are executed - both commercially and operationally - Lead an increasingly multicultural workforce, serve diverse multicultural guests in all markets, and effectively manage a business system in which formerly emerging markets are rapidly becoming primary ones - Tear down divisional silos, integrate business units, promote cross-functional collaboration and, ultimately, increase the agility of the enterprise - Empower their teams - particularly those at the front line - with the data and resources they need to make decisions on-site, enabling them to tailor services to enhance each guest experience - Forge new partnerships with innovative players both inside and outside of the travel ecosystem to provide an “experience continuum” for customers - Build a company culture that encourages new ways of thinking, doesn’t shy away from taking risks and isn’t afraid to “fail fast,” learn from miscues and move on Download the full report at SpencerStuart (PDF 351 KB)