The travel industry has changed dramatically over the years since the onset of digital. With ecosystem leaders building platforms, collecting data, and often encroaching downstream into specific travel verticals, brands need more than ever to stay ahead of the curve, reform and integrate business structures, and adopt agile frameworks to future-proof their businesses. Communicating a brand message which integrates across all digital channels, espousing core offline brand values that resonate throughout the purchase cycle and facilitate ongoing relationships and interactions with travel consumers, has now become crucial to survival. Data is quickly becoming both a driver and key currency for new innovations. Travel services and products are becoming increasingly personalised, localised, and targeted, and this will lead to a wealth of both repercussions and necessary adaptations for brands operating in the travel and digital marketing industries, Travel 360 represents a rounded, complete perspective on the challenges facing businesses today, and the holistic approaches and angles that will provide real value, strategy and insight to your brand. Some key highlights from the report: - Communicating a holistic brand message, consistently across all channels is now very important to a brand’s long term prospects. - Brands need to install a startup culture and nurture a digital experience that runs throughout the business. - Storytelling helps the digital travel industry to get the right customers in the right way - Honest, authoritative and local content, infused with quality storytelling is the future of travel content. - Brands need to seek out and approach content creators that inspire or resonate with thier brand in order to meet the scaling challenge of providing engaging content. - Integrate content and social media campaigns to fully realise the potential of your content. - Storytelling, marketing, PR and outstanding content will inspire loyalty and provide long term success to a brand. - The key is to bring all the elements together, whether it be search, social, or PR and press coverage, online and offline, so all the different channels compliment, feed and fuel each other to create fantastic results. - Brands need to really understand their data and understand how to use it to drill down deeper into their audiences’ consciousness. - There is going to be an increasing trend towards personalisation and the creation of more unique experiences. - Mobile is the biggest growth area in terms of sales. - Mobile has led to the rise of the ‘always connected traveller’ and the possibility of in-experience interactions with brands. - Many travel brands have been using poor link building tactics and techniques with keyword rich and exact match anchor texts. - It is key to understand international markets and culture specific differences. Download the full report at State of Digital (free registration)