Though the number of ‘brick and mortar’ travel agency locations has decreased, the GDS travel agent systems still generate on average 20% of hotels’ total central reservation system bookings. Especially in today’s era of information overload, travel agencies and intermediaries are sought out for their personalized service and expertise in finding the best solutions for both business and leisure travelers. They also provide hoteliers with the type of repeat and high-volume business they crave. Processing more than $450 million annually and serving more than 63,000 agents and 35,000 participating hotels with commission services, Pegasus has a “view” on this. Over and over, our agents and hoteliers tell us that prompt, efficient commission payments result in repeat bookings and significant administrative savings on both sides. If you haven’t explored the latest commission payment options available, you may be missing out on increased revenues. This critical agent-hotelier partnership is something to consider as you read The Pegasus View June edition’s analysis of each distribution channel’s performance below. Get the full story at Pegasus (PDF 2.2 MB)