During the digital revolution about 20 years ago, many cried that the death of the travel agent was looming, as online travel agencies appeared, giving consumers the ability to book trips themselves. In a presentation during Luxury Interactive 2016 on Oct. 18, the speaker explained how contrary to this prediction, most travel agencies are looking to hire as affluent travelers in particular call upon their service. "In a sense the human order takers - 20 to 30 years ago, you went to an office, sat down with someone, maybe had a conversation, looked at some brochures and that transactional business—those folks have gone away," said James Ricks, global marketing strategist at Virtuoso. "But technology, in the thought that maybe the advisor would go away because of the advent of technology has actually created a stronger desire for human interaction and bespoke, customized content curation." Get the full story at Luxury Daily