The Airlines category, in particular, ranked as the top-gaining category for June, growing 22% month-over-year to 33.2 million visitors. Southwest Airlines, the top-ranked site in the Airlines category, achieved especially strong gains -- growing 64% to 16.4 million visitors, and grabbing the Number 2 position among the top-gaining properties.

Also among the top gaining categories were Travel Transactions, Online Travel Agents, and Travel Information. Online travel agent sites also experienced growth in June, increasing 9% to 42.8 million visitors. Expedia led the category with 27 million visitors -- up 12% -- followed by Orbitz with 12.5 million visitors -- up 10% -- Priceline with 11.3 million -- up 7% -- and Travelocity with nearly 9.8 million visitors -- up 8%.

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