Travel suppliers, destinations and their marketing and public relations professionals are realizing that they have to deal with bloggers, those edgy, irreverent, sometimes dazzling, sometimes off-base voices on the Web.

The numbers alone are enough to grab suppliers' attention. claims 20 million page views per month. says it averages 18,000 page views per day. usually gets about 15,000 page views daily. attracted 200,000 unique visitors and more than 300,000 page views in August.

Marriott International already has experimented with the blogs and found that they can play a role when it's hard to grab the attention of the trade or consumer press.

Commenting from the audience and addressing a panel of bloggers at a recent event in New York, communications official John Wolf of Marriott said, "I can say from experience that we once tried to break news using you guys because we didn't think it was newsworthy enough to get into a newspaper. It was just a fantastic bang. We learned a lot from it. What it did was show the influence that you guys have with mainstream media."

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