With smartphone data roaming charges having been lifted in the E.U. this summer, new opportunities are emerging for marketers to engage with customers in-trip. As traveller connectivity expands, travel app usage is increasing. According to App Annie, worldwide consumer downloads of travel apps rose by 20% last year and usage is more than doubling in some markets. “We’re seeing a real shift among travel apps and innovation, allowing customers to be at the centre of their own experiences and allowing travel companies to help them wherever they are, while building loyalty,” Bertrand Salord, senior director of marketing for App Annie EMEA, said. Such innovations include those from airlines and airports sharing real-time information on flight delays and gate numbers to smooth travellers’ ways through stressful transit journeys, and hotels rolling out digital check-in, room selection, and use of the smartphone as room key such as Hilton’s recently launched Digital Keys app. Get the full story at CMO