According to just-released data from YouGov BrandIndex, a New York-based Internet market research company, some travel providers are generating positive buzz while others may just leave travelers feeling stung. “Buzz is the entirety of what consumers are hearing about a brand,” said Ted Marzilli, CEO of YouGov's BrandIndex. “What they hear through advertising, news, friends and family helps shape their impressions of brands and whether or not they’ll consider interacting with them.” Released on Thursday, the company’s mid-year review investigated brand perceptions in 20 categories, including four in travel: airlines, hotels, rental cars and travel agents. Researchers asked respondents if they’d heard anything about individual companies — positive or negative — during the previous two weeks and assigned Buzz scores based on the results. Among those receiving the best buzz in travel: Southwest (18.3), Marriott (9.8), Enterprise (8.7) and Priceline (11.2). (For comparison purposes, a brand that received all positive comments would score 100 while one that received all negative ones would score -100, so anything above zero can be considered good buzz.) Get the full story at NBC