Michelle Gilman Jasen, the regional director of sales and marketing for Accor Hotels, said balancing privacy and personalisation is an issue that gets a lot of attention. Tackling it means doing as much listening to humans as diving into what the data says. “How do you draw those lines? Frankly right now it is with a lot of customer feedback,” she said. “We sit through a lot of customer advisory sessions and ask how much do you want us to take that into consideration? We don’t want to let you down, but we also don’t like to overstep.” For example, she said that travel brands need to understand that consumers are, “no longer bucket-able”. While it’s often useful to create profiles and spot general trends, data needs to be used to make the type of product offerings hit the right note. Customers want to feel there is a worthy payoff in how their data is used. Get the full story at EyeForTravel