Travel content has proliferated as people around the world share their experiences and seek inspiration for their next adventure. Every month, more than one billion people visit YouTube to watch more than six billion hours of video, making YouTube an ideal place to explore how travelers interact with video content. According to a recent study Google conducted with Ipsos MediaCT, two out of three U.S. consumers watch online travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip.2 But what are travelers looking for? What’s popular? What content are they watching? To find out, Google analyzed aggregated and anonymized views of travel content on YouTube in the U.S. from early 2012 to early 2014. For the purposes of this research, Google define “travelers” as those individuals who engage with or search for travel content on and/or YouTube. Overall, Google's findings have big implications for marketers looking to connect with travelers, regardless of category. Get the full story at Think with Google